Employee Recognition Awards

Create certificates based on templates for staff awards. Just click print on any recognition!

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The #1 way to create a certificate for an employee

Create a badge only executives can send once a year. Award this badge to a special employee. Print the certificate and present at an annual company event.

An employee recognition award certificate

Steps to create an employee award

  1. Make a special type of badge in Recognize. Admins and HR can make badges that can only be sent by specific people. Change the badge scarity to once a year or once a quarter.
  2. Discover someone that deserves a staff award. The Recognize Reports can help in your search.
  3. Send the nominated employee a recognition with the special badge.
  4. On the recognition web page, click print to create a certificate! That's it!
Click print from browser to certificate
Years of work service award certificate template

10 amazing award certificate templates

Recognize created 10 award certificates anyone can download, fill-in, and print. The award certificate templates range from years of service, employee of the month to employee of the year.

Award certificate templates

Recognition, rewards, and awards for staff happiness.

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