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An affordable yearly subscription for an off-the-shelf employee recognition & rewards program.

Step 1: Pick Product Package

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The ultimate starter package to an official company recognition & rewards program. A one-size fits all pricing plan paid monthly or annually.

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  • Configurable company rewards
  • Role-based recognition
  • Configurable recognition badges
  • Reports & analytics
  • Anniversaries & birthdays
  • Award certificates
  • User profiles
  • Teams
  • User management
  • Spreadsheet user import
  • Integrations
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Custom low pricing

Great package for companies that want to utilize managers, who are are often the most important role in recognition.

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  • Automatic gift cards
  • Approval-based recognition
  • Manager features
  • Nomination system
  • Incentive program
  • Hall of Fame
  • Privacy for anniversary, birthdays, or recognition
  • Themed to your branding
  • + Bronze features
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Custom low pricing

A set of tools to engage international employees and those who do not have work email nor a computer.

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  • Multi-currency rewards
  • 20+ languages
  • Frontline worker package NEW
  • World text messaging
  • Customize text & emails
  • Quarterly bulk recognition import
  • Child Companies
  • API access
  • + Silver features
  • + Bronze features
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Custom low pricing

Platinum is the white glove service at Recognize where we will build custom features and help set up customized programs.

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  • 20 hours of custom development
  • Custom onboarding graphic assets
  • Advanced customizations
  • Monthly bulk recognition import
  • Physical onboarding gifts
  • + Gold features
  • + Silver features
  • + Bronze features

Step 2: Pick User Management

  1. Upload a spreadsheet of user data
    • Spreadsheet or CSV Upload
    • Recognize secure login
    • Oauth login
  2. Weekly user sync
    • Weekly User Sync
    • Spreadsheet or CSV upload
    • Recognize secure login
    • Oauth login
  3. Continuous sync
    • SAML 2.0 SSO
    • Weekly or Nightly User Sync
    • Spreadsheet or CSV upload
    • Recognize secure login
    • Oauth login

Step 3: Pick Customer Success Support Tier

  1. Weekly user sync
    • Two Meetings Onboarding

    • A customer success representative will walk you through two meetings one-on-one showing you how to get started and be successful.
  2. Continuous sync
    • Four Meetings + IT Meeting + Quarterly Webinars

    • You are assigned a dedicated customer success rep who will meet with you every week to ensure a successful launch. They will project manage the launch through an accessible checklist. Plus, meeting with IT professional at Recognize for integration questions and setup.
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    • Seven Meetings + Two IT Meetings + Quarterly Webinars + Annual Check-In

    • For companies looking to slowly get started and meet with someone on our side every week for two months while project managing, strategizing, and providing IT support. Further, these customers will have access to special quarterly webinars and continued one-on-one meetings.