Robust peer-to-peer employee recognition for Yammer.

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Recognize out of box Yammer integration

By signing in with Yammer at, your company can easily improve employee engagement.

Recognitions show on Yammer

Sign in to Recognize from Yammer

Recognize Yammer users

Instantly recognize Yammer users

Invite Yammer users to Recognize

Browser extension Yammer integration

By installing the Recognize browser extension, an add-on for your web browser, Recognize is embedded inside

Send recognitions from Yammer

Recognitions show on user's Yammer profile

Recognize Yammer posts

Recognition top of mind

Let your workers view their top moments in Yammer.

Within your workflow

The Recognize Yammer integration results in a 8x increase in recognitions sent.

Save time

Add easy access to send recognition to your Yammer users.

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